Headaches can be a very common thing. However, some headaches can be much more serious than others. So how do you know when your headache is severe enough to make a trip to a neurologist?

We have provided some signs to look out for. These will indicate what your headaches may be caused by and if it is a neurological issue.

You are taking headache medication often

If you are getting frequent headaches, then it is tempting to take medication to treat them regularly. However, this could actually be a sign that you may have a more serious condition.

It is very important to realize that some over-the-counter medicines can actually make your headaches worse if you are using them too often. While they may be treating your headache, over-the-counter medicines can actually do damage to your stomach, kidneys and liver if taken too often.

It is suggested that anyone who takes over-the-counter medicine for 5  or more days out of the month to alleviate headaches then you should go see a doctor.

Headaches disrupt daily activities

Setting up an appointment with your primary care physician is a perfect place to start for headaches. If you are experiencing headaches that are more of a nuisance and not disabling then you should see your primary doctor. However, if you start experiencing immobilizing headaches then that may warrant a trip to a neurologist.

It is recommended that patients should see a neurologist for any headache that is disabling. This rule especially applies if you have to stop whatever you were doing and lie down when having a headache.

Additional symptoms

If your headaches start to cause you pain in other areas or if you start to feel the pain on only one side of your head, then you may need to see a neurologist. If you are having any sensitivity to light and sound, nausea and vomiting, and any weakness or numbness are all serious symptoms that you should be concerned about.