What is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation?

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a significant technological breakthrough that is quickly replacing use of medications for non-pharmacological treatment of numerous neurological conditions including Migraines, Cluster headaches, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, etc.  TMS has been developed over the last nearly 30-40 years of research and development.

How does TMS work?

TMS involves stimulation of any targeted regions of the brain using very small magnetic fields generated over specially-charged copper coils.  By lightly stimulating a specific group of brain cells, TMS increases blood flow, and can be used to either increase or decrease neuronal activity depending on the desired effect.  In addition, studies show changes in neurotransmitter concentration in the areas both directly stimulated and regions that are within the network.  Many brain disorders are due to either abnormally low or excessively high activity of brain cells.  TMS can normalize activity in any chosen region or network of brain cells.

What can TMS be used for and Why?

TMS is an FDA-approved medical technology that achieves superior results when compared to traditional drugs.  TMS bypasses all the systemic (kidney, liver, hormonal…etc) side-effects, tolerance, and addiction that is associated with many medications.

TMS is fast, safe, and effective.  At WeCare Neurology, a detailed history and exam will be conducted to create your customized treatment plans.

How Effective and Safe is TMS?

TMS is very effective and far superior to most medications in treatment of several disorders (nearly three times as effective) including migraines, cluster headaches, major depression, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), etc.

The magnetic field is very similar to MRI tests and carries absolutely no exposure to any contrast or radiation.  TMS does not require any invasive procedures and is one of the safest medical treatments available.

What is the process of TMS?

The treatment is mostly done at home using handheld TMS devices by patients. During treatment, most feel a mild ‘buzzing’ sensation over the area treatment is being applied. Patients can expect to feel significant improvement or, in some cases, complete resolution of their symptoms by end of treatment.

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