About Our Practice

Our approach to patient care is based on the notion that all aspects of people’s lives (physical, emotional, psychological, and social) should be taken into account and seen as a whole with respect to managing health. This means practicing conventional western medicine using a mind-body-spirit approach to diagnosing and treating neurological disease. Our neurologists pride themselves on “patient-focused service” which centers around providing exceptional care with easy, direct access to himself. Our staff is dedicated to address your questions and concerns, and making appointments in a timely manner. We hope to develop a strong relationship with our patients, their families, and our community by offering personalized, quality, and comprehensive care.

At WeCare Neurology, our physicians and other medical professionals are ready to serve patients in the Inland Empire and Orange County area for in-person visits and anywhere in California via Virtual visits. Our neurologists are expert in diagnosis and treatment of various neurological disorders such as Headaches, Seizures, Tremors, Multiple Sclerosis, Memory loss, Neuropathy/Myopathy, Neuropathic pain, Radiculopathy, etc. We offers various procedures such as NCV, EMG and EEG.

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