As an innovative response to traditional medicine, WeCare Neurology utilizes the Direct Pay Care (DPC) model, allowing unparalleled access to your physician through calls, texts, emails, video conferencing, and in-person visits for a flat, affordable monthly membership fee.

DPC is a form of health coverage that does not rely on health insurance, instead gives the physician the flexibility to offer personalized service and the patient more medical and financial control. Compared to traditional insurance billing, the DPC model provides patients with cost savings and the freedom to visit their healthcare provider as needed.

Neurologist Dr. Dhrupad Joshi, D.O., has a passion for improving every patient’s quality of life, and his goal is to lead the movement back to patient-centered, individualized care.

Getting an appointment is easy and always offered as early as the same-day or the next day. We are also available for phone and video call consultations. We are committed to giving you the best care possible.

We have 100% cost transparency.

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